Petron Saudi’s Industrial Co. Product Description:


(A): Shop Fabrication of Steel Structure Works:- ( MOC: CS)


  • Main Pipe rack, Bracing, Truss, Frame & Grids Steel Structure (Like Heavy Structure beam, Medium Structure & Light Structure) including built up sections of heavy and medium steel structures.
  • Primary, Secondary Pipe Support, etc.
  • Ladder, Handrail, Platform, Grating, Checker Plate, etc.


(B): Shop Fabrication of Pipe Spools Works:- ( MOC: CS, SS & Alloy)


  • Pipe Spools are being fabricated, all sizes from any of the above material, including semi-automation for better progress and quality
  • Different Type of welding like BW, FW, THD, LET, TW, SW, Bolting., etc


(C): Shop Fabrication of Pressure Vessel / Columns Works:- ( MOC: CS, SS & Alloy)

  • All Type of Shop fabricated Pressure Vessel & Process Columns are being manufactured in our shop.
  • We have capacity for fabrication of P.V. up to 72mm thickness.


(D): Shop Fabrication of Storage Tank Works ( MOC: CS, SS & Alloy) :-

  • All Shop Storage Tanks are being fabricated in our shop
  • Non-Pressure Equipment (Chimney, Silos & Flare Stack, etc.) Shop fabrication Works (For CS &  SS & Alloy, etc)


(E): Shop Assembly of Complete Skid Works  (e.g. E&I, Pipe Spool Erection, Steel Structural, Static & Rotary Equipment Installation, etc.) :-

  • All Static & Rotary Equipments are being installed in our shop on Skid Structures Base Frame
  • All relevant E&I works, Steel Structural members base frames, Ladder & Platforms, Railings, etc. for Skid Assembly works