Managing Director's Message

Our people, strategies and business practices are all focused on meeting and exceeding client satisfaction on a continuous and sustainable basis while conforming to stringent quality and service excellence. Our commitment is, and always has been, to make a real difference in the success of our customers.

Vision, Realization and Integrity – that is what Petron Saudi values most in our senior management team. Our management ethos promotes an entrepreneurial culture where each member of our team represents the key components of our business. The discipline and commitment we apply in the execution of our business strategies have led to sustainable competitive advantages.

Petron provides a pleasant and healthy work environment for its staff and extends innovative and challenging opportunities, which enables them to contribute their best talents through interdisciplinary professional support. All these efforts are to create a good institution for staff to be proud of and provide ideal career advancement and opportunities to play a vital role in both national and international markets.

We are dedicated to carving Petron Saudi’s future to pursue our venture with vision and passion. I am, therefore, not only hopeful but also positive as we face the future. I am also excited about what lies ahead!